Addiction is a very modern obsession. But what is addiction?

Tania Glyde

Monday, January 9 2012 at 7:30PM

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Strutton Ground

Tania Glyde

What's the talk about?

 Addiction is a very modern obsession. Like allergies, everyone's got one, yet many people present the evidence for their 'addictive personality' by announcing their greater-than-average capacity for biscuits. 

But what is addiction? 

Compulsion, behaviour, illness, all three, or none of the above? 

Do AA and other 12 step recovery programmes really work? 

And will a skeptic *ever* admit to needing a higher power?

Tania Glyde is the author of Cleaning Up, a memoir about how she took on British drinking culture and survived.


£2 on door, all welcome.