Outed, outers, and outlaws.

Nightjack and others discuss what next for social media

Monday, September 24 2012 at 7:30PM

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Strutton Ground

Nightjack and others discuss what next for social media

What's the talk about?

This is a panel to discuss a range of social media issues, including anonymity, accountability, and legal liability.


Panel includes:

Richard Horton - the "Nightjack" blogger outed by the Times and winner of Orwell prize for blogging

Zoe Margolis - the "Girl With A One Track Mind" blogger outed by the Sunday Times

Paul Chambers - who successfully appealed "Twitter Joke Trial" conviction

Tim Ireland - the "Bloggerheads" blogger and scourge of internet fakery and dishonesty

Peter Ede - blogger who exposed "Lord Credo" and writes on Twitter and blogging etiquette

Helen Lewis - blogger and deputy editor of the New Statesman


Chaired by David Allen Green - New Statesman and "Jack of Kent" blogger who exposed Times hack of Nightjack and effectively revealed Johann Hari to be "David Rose", also defence solicitor in the "Twitter Joke Trial appeal".


£2 a head, all welcome, no need to book.