Paul Lewis

Monday, August 6 2012 at 7:30PM

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Strutton Ground

Paul Lewis

What's the talk about?

In the aftermath of the English riots last year, some 400 people turned up to hear Paul Lewis talk about the riots. (The Pod Delusion recording of the talk is here.)

The Guardian's special projects editor, Paul had just tweeted from the front-line of riots in three cities, gaining 35,000 new followers and a host of award nominations. Then, he said none of the theories purporting to explain the biggest bout of civil unrest in a generation had much validity, arguing what was really needed was reliable research.

Since then, Paul set up a team in partnership with the London School of Economics, and spent a year conducting the most in-depth research into the disorder. Reading the Riots has interviewed almost 600 people directly affected by the riots, including hundreds of police, rioters and looters.

What does the research show?

And will the riots happen again?

Join Paul on August 6 - the year anniversary of the riot in Tottenham that sparked unrest on a national scale.



All welcome; £2 donation at door; contact for more details.