Westminster Skeptics is currently resting.

We promote an evidence-based approach and critical thinking in the areas of policy, media, and legal reform.

We have packed and lively meetings once or twice a month in a big pub in Westminster, just by St James Tube station. 

Less than a year old, we already have attracted attention from the BBC, the British Medical Journal, and the blogosphere. Our launch was covered by BBC Newsnight.

All welcome; no need to book; £2 per head.

Hon. President: Dr Evan Harris

Deputy Hon. President: Dr Belinda Brooks-Gordon

Hon. Patrons:

David Aaronovitch, Dr Petra Boynton, Heather Brooke, Joanne Cash, Nick Cohen, Prof David Colquhoun FRS, Prof Brian Cox, Wendy Grossman, Juliet Jacques, Paul Lewis, and Dr Simon Singh

(Responsibility for inviting speakers and proposing topics rests entirely with the Convenor, and not the President or the Patrons.   Westminster Skeptics have no corporate view on any subject.)


Previous meetings have included:

Dr Simon Singh, Dr Ben Goldacre, Dr Peter Wilmshurst, and Nick Cohen on libel reform

Dr Evan Harris MP and Prof David Nutt on evidence-based policy-making

Suzanne Moore, Laurie Penny, Anna Chen, and Mark Lewis on thinking critically about the mainstream media

Prof Brian Cox on science policy

Juliet Jacques on thinking critically about transgender issues

Dr Petra Boynton on sex and the media

Brian Deer on MMR and research fraud

Heather Brooke on Freedom of Information

Paul Lewis on explaining the English riots

Dr Brooke Magnanti (Belle du Jour) on Biometrics and Identification

Graeme Archer on Statistics and Policy Making

Richard Peppiart and Joanne Cash on phone hacking and tabloid ethics

Guido Fawkes, Slugger O'Toole, Conservative Home, and Liberal Conspiracy on political blogging

Martin Robbins and Gimpy on science blogging



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